1: Irish Ivan’s Spirit Song

I wrote this song in 1988 after hearing the song ‘I Forgot That Love Existed’ by Van Morrison on a late night radio station. I played it solo - and it later became part of The Tender Trap’s set, knocked into shape by the definitive Tender Trap line-up of Mark Walshe on guitar, Simon Lomond on drums and Andy MacDonald on bass. Later, a version of this song was released as a single by The Tender Trap In 1991, produced by Nic Coler and Ian Richardson. It received airplay on Radio 1, Capital and XFM. Good reviews in Time Out and the NME followed, although the Melody Maker, rather amusingly, asked “Did Sid Vicious die for this shit?” Or words to that effect. The song was thought to be in need of a new coat of paint. That’s when Philip Tennant was drafted in and this version was recorded at Intimate with Chris Page on drums, Lee Redding on bass and Marco Rossi on lead guitar. My original acoustic guitar was replaced by that of Herbie Armstrong. Herbie has known Van Morrison from childhood and happily regaled me with anecdotes of his time working and playing with Van - particularly on the classic ‘Into the Music’ album. I last saw Herbie serenading Amanda Holden on a TV talent show! This recording also features Kim Burton on accordion, Mike Piggott on fiddle along with Mickey Wilson and Nic Coler joining myself on backing vocals. Producer Philip Tennant and myself later mixed the track at Rockfield Studio.

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